Monday, September 29, 2008

Final 2008 Stats

This snippet (which I just posted on my business website) also applies to us. So I've posted it here to alert you guys as well.

The Final Stats for 2008 will not be posted until the AL Central winner has been determined. The outcome of the Tigers/W-Sox makeup game on 9/29 could determine a winner, or else a 1-game regular season playoff game between the Twins/W-Sox will be played on Tuesday 9/30 to determine the winner. Since the stats from these games count as Regular Season stats, we cannot publish the final stats until these games are complete. 
As a result, the final set of player stats for 2008 won't be published until Tuesday (1 PM) or Wednesday (1 PM), depending on the outcome of the AL games that are still to be played.
Note that the FINAL STATS will be dated 9/28/2008, although they WILL include those AL stats from 9/29 (and 9/30 game if applicable). Users of Rhino Baseball should use 9/28/2008 as the date of these final stats. 

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