Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5/27 -- Stat Reports Posted

Hello Roto Geeks...
The online reports and PSR files for Week 8 (stats thru 5/25) have been posted to HARL Central. Get 'em while they're hot!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

FAD Results for May 25

Happy Memorial Day! Hope that you guys enjoy your day off on Monday.
Here are the results of Sunday Night's FAD. I thought there would be more activity with all the sudden injuries, but then maybe it's just my team with all the boo-boos. Anyway, on to the results...
  1. JACQUE JONES    OF-FLA  2.15  GAMBLERS    (HIGH=2.35, 2ND=2.10 RHINOS)
  2. SETH SMITH      OF-COL  1.10  GAMBLERS    (HIGH=1.65, 2ND=1.05 RHINOS) 
  3. RUSS BRANYAN    3B-MIL   .05  RHINOS      (HIGH=1.05, 2ND=NONE) 
  4. OMAR INFANTE    MI-ATL   .05  RHINOS      (HIGH=1.05, 2ND=NONE) 
  5. NICK EVANS      OF-NYM   .05  MAYGAMERS   (HIGH= .30, 2ND=NONE) 
  7. CLAY CONDREY    RP-PHI   .05  MUDHENS     (HIGH= .25, 2ND=NONE) 
Kennesaw Mountain BigHorn
HARL Commissioner

Waiver Claims from MAY 24

Saturday's Waiver Claims...
  2. ENDY CHAVEZ            OF-NYM   RHINOS

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who's In First?

While Abbott and Costello could never quite agree "who's ON first", the fantasy baseball gods governing HARL can't seem to decide "who's IN first". After 7 weeks of baseball, we have had five different teams sitting in 1st Place (Maygamers, Mudhens, Assassins, Gamblers, and Jokers). That's both amazing and refreshing. I can't recall any prior examples in our 22-year history where there's been so much flux atop the leaderboard during any part of the season.

It's even hard to tell which teams really suck this year. Just like the top of the standings, there have been 5 different teams in Last Place this season (Jokers, Lemmings, Rhinos, Brewskis, and Maygamers). In fact, after 7 weeks of play, the teams that started out in 1st and 11th place after one week have officially swapped places with each other. How weird is that?

Perhaps then, it's appropriate that Joker Jack is currently at the top of the class at the Week-7 mark. Trying to predict who is going to win HARL this season has become a mind-bending, head-scratcher. Who else but a court jester could even make sense of it all?

So it's time to put on the silly jester hat with the dangling bells, prance around and act goofy, and babble idiotic nonsense to everyone within earshot. It's Joker Time. So how, you may ask, did the Jokers move all the way from LAST PLACE after Week-1, into FIRST PLACE after Week-7? Good question. For me it boils down to these 3 things:
  • The best power hitting in HARL to-date. Last week the Jokers slugged a whopping 23 HR and drove in 60 runners. That was so damn good I had to doublecheck the stats and make sure that I didn't make a mistake in recording the transactions somewhere. It was not a mistake, it was just stellar offensive production. Alfonso Soriano smacked 7 HR with 14 RBI last week all by himself. Only 32 of 252 NL players to post stats this year (roughly 13%) have 7 or more HR for the entire season. Dan Uggla and Ryan Ludwick have also been red-hot of late in the power department. All of this has lead the Jokers to have the 2nd most hitting points in HARL this year.
  • This team has nice balance. The Jokers are currently 2nd in Hitting points and 4th in Pitching points, and in the middle in Fielding Ratio. You know that I always preach balance, balance, balance. Trust me, it keeps you in the hunt and can take you a long way in the playoffs.
  • Bang-for-the-buck. If you can get star-level statistical production out of your cheap guys, your team is destined for great things. Of the top dozen HARL players in terms of Profit (Actual YTD Dollar Value - Salary), the Jokers have 3 players in that list -- more than any other team in HARL. Ryan Ludwick ($1.50 profit), Dan Uggla ($1.40 profit), and Geovany Soto ($1.40 profit) have been top-notch producers for Joker Jack's club this season. And not a single one of them cost more than 60 cents.

Kudos to Jack for his fast start. I like to see new faces atop the HARL standings. With all the crazy movement going on in the standings, I can't really predict how things will shake out with any certainty. But I do think that the Jokers have pretty good team and aren't a fluke. Once Adam Laroche starts hitting and Jose Reyes starts playing up to his ability , their offense will get even better. That's a scary thought for the rest of us.


Monday, May 19, 2008

HARL FAD: May 18

Hi Guys,
Thanks for being patient. Got back late last night and was experiencing some email problems this morning (could receive email but could not send anything out) that I believe are related to a computer virus (mostly killed it, but am still dealing with last remnants).
Anyway... here are the FAD results...
  2. PAUL JANISH       SS-CIN  .05  GAMBLERS    (TOP=1.45, 2ND=NONE)
  3. GREG REYNOLDS     SP-COL  .05  GAMBLERS    (TOP=1.05, 2ND=NONE)
  4. BRIAN SHOUSE      RP-MIL  .05  ASSASSINS   (TOP= .95, 2ND=NONE)
  5. AARON MILES       2B-STL  .05  GAMBLERS    (TOP= .75, 2ND=NONE)
  6. BRAD AUSMUS        C-HOU  .05  RHINOS      (TOP= .65, 2ND=NONE)
Kennesaw Mountain BigHorn
HARL Commissioner

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HARL This Week

Quick and Dirty...
  1. HARL reports (both PSR and Online reports) were published last night (May 13).
  2. There will be no HARL news & notes posting this week, as I simply don't have the free time to do it.
  3. If you're going to claim someone off Waivers this Saturday, please send your claims to JOEY -- I'm on vacation and out of the state for several days with no access to email. 
See you next week. 
Kennesaw Mountain BigHorn
HARL Commissioner

Monday, May 12, 2008

Submitting WAIVER CLAIMS on Saturday, MAY 17

FYI:  Please submit your WAIVER CLAIMS to Joey Severino (gamblerjoe@verizon.net) on this Saturday, MAY 17.
Joe has offered to take over my duties for that day while I'm away on vacation.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

FAD Results: May 11

FAD results for Sunday, May 11:
  1. JASON MICHAELS    OF-PIT  1.40  MUDHENS   (TOP=2.50, 2ND=1.35 LEMMINGS)
  3. MATT TREANOR       C-FLA   .05  LEMMINGS  (TOP= .55)
  4. WIL LEDEZMA       RP-SD    .05  LEMMINGS  (TOP= .80)
  5. SHAWN ESTES       SP-SD    .05  MAYGAMERS (TOP= .45)
  6. RON VILLONE       RP-STL   .05  LEMMINGS  (TOP= .35)
  7. MANNY ACOSTA      RP-ATL   .05  BREWSKIS  (TOP= .25)
  8. JEFF BENNETT      RP-ATL   .05  RHINOS    (TOP= .25)
  9. JEFF WEAVER       SP-MIL   .05  MAYGAMERS (TOP= .15)

Waiver Wire Claims -- May 10

Yesterday's Waiver Wire pickups... As expected, several people wanted Gonzo (including me!).
  1. Luis Gonzalez        OF-FLA      Lemmings
  2. Dan Ortmeier         1B/OF-SF   Grillers
That's all.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Online Reports for Week #5 are Available!

The web reports for Week #5 are now available at HARL Central (http://www.rhinosoftware.com/harl/harl_main.htm). Please stop by and take a look!
In other HARL news.... Don't have the time to write much right now as I'm swamped with work today (just like yesterday). The basics are this:
Things are getting pretty darn tight. The difference between 1st place and Last place is around 25 points. That's not much compared to previous years. There are still teams making 10-12 point swings every week. That's just crazy. The Mudhens are still hanging on to 1st Place by their beaks, but the Gamblers are a lucky dice throw away from overtaking them. Both teams look solid to me, with the Hens sporting a terrific pitching staff and the Lucky 7 having a nice balance between hitting & hurling. Speaking of hurling, that's what I want to do when I saw Joey was in 2nd Place!  
The Cobras are sitting in 3rd, but after suffering two devastating injuries to Tulowitzki and Gallardo last week, they may find it tough to gain round, let along stay there. The Assassins, like the Rhinos, are experiencing some pitching woes which have conspired to knock them down a few pegs from where they stood (1st Place) just a few weeks ago. Rounding out the top-5 is the Jokers, who will assuredly get a nice boost in coming weeks from the return of Alfonso Soriano.
In the lower-half of the standings, we see the Rhinos (strong offense and sucky pitching) and the Grillers (struggling offense) duking it out for possession of 6th place and riding the cusp of the 5th spot occupied by Joker Jack. I'm getting J-Roll back soon, which is a major boon, but jeez, what I desperately need is someone who can friggin pitch! 
It's nice to see the Lemmings catapult themselves out of 11th and shoot all the way up to 8th place and the mid-60's point range. Moises Alou is ready to return which should help the offense, and if Barry Zito can finally get his stuff together, it would be a huge help in rounding out the rotation (Germano and Loaiza are scuffling). The Stampeders aren't far behind the Lemms. If only Ryan Howard was hitting, what a HUGE difference that would be for this offense.
The Brewskis (awful hitting) and Maygamers (weak pitching) are bringing up the rear. Both teams have obvious needs to address in key areas if they are to rebound and move back up the standings. The Brewskis need a legitimate 1B and two more solid OF's. They're way overstocked in quality relievers (rumor is that Smoltz might return from his DL trip as a closer), so it wouldn't be surprising to see them deal a closer for a slugger. The Maygamers are in search of a better starting rotation. They only have 4 worthy starters right now (Cain, Cueto, Maholm, and Kendrick), and that's not enough to generate decent numbers in Wins, Innings Pitched, and Strikeouts. They need to keep trolling the waters for any SP's with a pulse and hope to catch lightning in a bottle somewhere. 
The horsemen waived two guys from their fringe this morning: SP-Matt Chico and SP-Colin Balester. That's reflected in the online Waiver Wire report.          
Sevy.... OUT!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reports for Week #5

A couple of quick things to report:
  • The PSR reports for Week #5 are available for download from HARL Central.
  • I didn't get the Online Reports done tonight. I will squeeze them in early Wednesday morning.
  • A couple of roster transaction notes...  The STAMPEDERS will be dropping 2 players from their Reserve List since they're two men over the 10-man reserve limit. Also, Gabe Gross was force-waived from the MUDHENS since he was traded to the American League two weeks ago. And finally, I had to guess at who the COBRAS demoted to make room for Shane Victorino who was activated off the DL. I demoted Amezaga, but if Mike wishes to change that, he should let me know ASAP so I can make a correction.    
That's it for now. I'm heading off to bed after I scan the boxscores. See Ya!

Monday, May 5, 2008

FAD Results: MAY 4

FAD Results for MAY 4
  1. JO JO REYES    SP-ATL  .60  BREWSKIS    (TOP=.95, 2ND=.55 RHINOS)
  2. CHRIS GOMEZ    MI-PIT  .05  COBRAS      (TOP=.95, 2ND=NONE)
  3. JEFF BAKER     2B-COL  .10  BREWSKIS    (TOP=.85, 2ND=.05 STAMPEDERS)
  4. JOSE CRUZ      OF-HOU  .05  MUDHENS     (TOP=.50, 2ND=NONE)
  5. PAT MISCH      SP-SF   .05  MUDHENS     (TOP=.50, 2ND=NONE)
  7. JODY GERUT     OF-SD   .05  GRILLERS    (TOP=.25, 2ND=NONE)
  8. JOE BEIMEL     RP-LA   .10  MAYGAMERS   (TOP=.15, 2ND=.05 GRILLERS)
  9. TONY CLARK     1B-SD   .05  MAYGAMERS   (TOP=.15, 2ND=NONE)
  13. GEOFF GEARY    RP-HOU  .05  GRILLERS    (TOP=.05, 2ND=NONE) 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Waiver Claims: May 3

Two teams submitted claims for Cody Ross. The Brewskis got him since they're currently lower in the standings.
That's it.. Fort Pitt.