Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Champion Is Crowned!

The long wait is finally over. The HARL Champion for 2008 has been crowned. Who won?

Did the JOKERS hang on to their skinny lead? Or did the ASSASSINS sneak up from behind and give them the old shiv in the back? Or did the COBRAS strike from below? Or maybe just maybe, the GRILLERS turned up the heat? Or could it be that the RHINOS (gulp gulp) made a frantic last-week comeback to claim their 8th HARL title?

Well? Well?

Well... it was a very close points race, for everyone except the eventual winner. Three teams were separated by less than 1.5 points! But the champs won comfortably.

So who won? The suspense is killing me dammit!

Cue the medieval fanfare music and send in the clowns! The 2008 HARL Championship wears pointy shoes and a silly hat, and hails from the Great White North region of Pennsylvania.

Hail hail to the 2008 Champs... the JOKERS!

The Final Playoff Standings were as follows:
  1. 45.32 = Jokers
  2. 35.40 = Grillers
  3. 32.18 = Cobras
  4. 32.08 = Rhinos
  5. 30.88 = Assassins
You can check out more details by perusing the league reports. I'm uploading the PSR reports as we speak. I haven't edited the web-reports yet, but will try to squeeze that in soon when I've got some extra free time (perhaps tomorrow morning or night). So hang loose.

FOR NOW... Please join me in congratulating JACK SOLTIS and the JOKERS on their 1st ever HARL Championship!

Kudos to Joker Jack for a great season. It was well deserved.

Until we meet again.... Enjoy the MLB Playoffs... and GO PHILS!

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