Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halfway to the Finish!

Two weeks are gone in the 2008 HARL playoff race. We're halfway to deciding a champ. Who's it gonna be this season? Here's the quickie point-score rundown at the SEP 14 checkpoint:
  1. Assassins = 43.2 pts
  2. Grillers = 37.6 pts
  3. Cobras = 35.4 pts
  4. Rhinos = 31.1 pts
  5. Jokers = 29.8 pts

Pretty amazing to see the Assassins holding down the top-spot eh? In the history of the HARL Playoffs, no 5th Seed playoff team has ever managed to win the playoffs and secure the league championship. Dougie Fresh is doing his best to make history, that's for sure.

I'm also surprised to see the Jokers languishing in the basement. What gives? Is this really the same club that took 1st Place in the Regular Season standings after 22 weeks?

The Grillers offense nosedived big-time this week, while the Spitting Cobras slithered their way up the standings and crawled out of the basement. The Rhinos sort of held steady. With the sudden spate of key injuries to the Rhinos and Grillers, those two teams will be very hard pressed to win another championship this season.

There are still lots of really close categories stats-wise, so it's too early to make any surefire predictions as to who will reign victorious. The upstart Assassins are in the driver's seat, but I'm expecting the Cobras to make a 2nd-half playoff run and battle them hard for the title.

So buckle your seatbelts baseball fans, it's gonna be a wild finish!

You can check out the full set of stats reports at HARL CENTRAL (

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