Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jokers Wild

Can the Jokers pull off their first-ever HARL Championship?

After 3 weeks of a crazy playoffs which have seen three lead-changes, Joker Jack's boys are currently holding down the top-spot. That will teach me to overlook anyone's 1st-place chances ever again! If you recall, at the halfway mark of the playoffs I predicted it would come down to a 2-horse race between the Assassins and Cobras. I was wrong.

At this point, anything could happen. In hot pursuit of the Jokers are the Assassins and Grillers, and even the Cobras are within striking distance if they can get red-hot this final week. This is exciting!

About the only thing I feel sure of is that my injury-riddled and pitching-poor Rhinos club has virtually no chance of bringing home an 8th HARL Championship. Yes, I realize that nobody but me is boo-hooing about that!
So good luck to all the contenders and have fun watching SportsCenter this week! There's really nothing to do at this point other than sit back, pop a cold one, and pray that your sluggers hit, steal, and field the ball cleanly, and that your hurlers record outs, rack up the K's, and snag some Wins and Saves. It sounds so simple doesn't it?

By the way... Stat reports (both web-stuff and PSR) are now available at HARL Central.

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