Friday, August 8, 2008

HARL Reports and News (AUG 8)

Hi Guys,
This is really the first chance I've had to breathe and focus on other stuff since last Saturday (8/02). Anna and I were hosting and entertaining 6 visitors at our house (4 adults and 2 little kids ages 3 & 7) since Monday and spent a good chunk of yesterday in Philly. Needless to say, HARL wasn't anywhere in the picture during that time.
I did the HARL moves & stats this afternoon. The PSR reports are now posted online for download. I'll get to the web-stuff in a little bit, although it's going to be bare-bones since everything is way late this week.
There were two trades to report from last week....
1) STAMPEDERS traded 1B-Albert Pujols to the JOKERS for SP-Mike Pelfrey, 2B-Matt Antonelli, the Jokers 1st Round Farm Pick next season (2009), and $2.00 of FAD money.
2) BREWSKIS traded 2B-Ray Durham to the GRILLERS for RP-Heath Bell.
Remember that this coming MONDAY (AUG 11) is the HARL Trading Deadline. No trades are allowed after the deadline passes until the offseason begins (after conclusion of the MLB World Series).  
A couple of teams left out some roster changes this week, so I had to make some forced moves to get your roster in order. Please check your roster PSR report to see what happened. ALWAYS doublecheck your roster move email before you send it to me each week, so you don't overlook anything (ie: make sure all positions are filled on your ACTIVE ROSTER, you're under the $18 salary cap, and you don't have more than 10 reserves and 15 bench-guys total (combo of 10 resv max + 5 DL). 
That's all... Hoping life returns to normal soon!

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