Monday, July 7, 2008

Commissioner Ruling on SABATHIA

HI Guys,
After some further investigation this afternoon, I have made a Commissioner's ruling against the pickup of CC Sabathia in this weekend's FAD. Sabathia is still a free agent, and remains in the HARL free agent pool. Let me explain... 
When I was doing the FAD results this morning, I really wasn't sure if the Sabathia to the Brewers trade was really OFFICIAL or not. Like many of you probably did, I read on RotoWorld last night that Sabathia was being traded to the Brewers for Matt LaPorta and several other prospects. So I put in a bid for him in the FAD. But nothing said the trade was "official" or not. It was an inside scoop that the trade was about to be completed.
I was thinking about that issue this morning when I did the FAD. I rushed through everything because I had to start work, and I probably should have investigated it thoroughly more before sending out the FAD results.
Looking at the news on a few minutes ago, it appears that the Sabathia trade really didn't become official until this morning. The RotoWorld info was a premature announcement -- they are always looking to give you the inside scoop, and their heads-up was another example of that. So considering that the trade didn't officially go down until MONDAY MORNING, I must make the correct ruling and disallow anyone from picking up Sabathia in Sunday night's FAD. Sorry to Gambler Joe for the reversal of my earlier FAD posting, but it's not fair to break the rules and I want to get this right as it was confusing to several other owners (not just me).
ALSO, since folks asked me to clarify this: Our official deadline for submitting FAD bids is 9:00 PM (it was published in an earlier note regarding the 1st FAD of the season this year). The deadline used to be 7:00 PM in previous years, but so many people sent stuff in late (and I never processed the FAD until late Sunday night anyway), that I pushed the deadline back to make it easier on everyone.
Any players who come over from the AMERICAN LEAGUE into the NL, must be officially on an NL team BEFORE 9:00 PM on Sunday Night's FAD deadline. Guys that don't officially sign or get traded by that deadline, are not allowed to be picked up until next week. Jacque Jones was a good example of this from earlier in the year --- he was rumored to be signed by FLA on Saturday/Sunday, but didn't officially sign until Monday morning, so he wasn't eligible for the FAD as quickly as some folks had thought (because they read RotoWorld again!). 
Anyway I will re-post the revised FAD results in a minute.
Kennesaw Mountain BigHorn
HARL Commissioner


Joe Severino said...

This sucks!!!

Do your research before you post the results!! Not only don't I get Sabathia, but you post how hi I would bid for the guy so everyone know!!

Get it right next time.

Dave Schmidt said...

400.00 dollars

Geoff Kyper said...

As the runner-up in the bidding, I am certainly not one to support giving Joey any kind of break, but...

I can see both sides of this, but I do think that this puts him in the unfair position of having tipped his hand. Also, this was not a matter of Rotoworld trying to scoop the other services - this report was on multiple channels and sites by 7:30, a full 90 minutes before bids were due, so the info was out there. I agree that the official date of the trade is Monday, since that is when the paperwork made it to the league office. Is there anything we can put in place to make the next FAD a level playing field? Consider this - is there anyone who was going to outbid Joey? I bid as much as I could so that by demoting Lowe I could still fit C.C. under the salary cap, so Joey is safe from me barring the trade or injury to one of my high salary guys. If no one else is realistically able to outbid Joey, then could we resolve this without further fervor? This has always been a friendly league and hopefully can remain so...

Dave Schmidt said...

I agree with the Sevy on his decision.....He did the right thing. Noone should be able to be picked up until trade is official. I heard that Josh Beckett might be going to the Phillies next week......NOT but that is why we have to wait till it is official....

Dave Schmidt said...

You made the right move Sevy. Being Commish in the other league I am in
has its ups and downs and I have been thru it myself this year.

If you didn't do it this way, anytime there was a rumor about a player
being traded, one could put a bid on any speculation. I too was going
to bid on him, but the trade wasn't official. Good Job oh Commish of
HARL, don't doubt your move, it was the right thing to do

Rich Hetrick said...

I hope I didn't start this, but I did inquire to Sevy about the validity of the draft pick. I didn't ask him to revoke the pick I simply wanted clarification on what constitutes an "Official" trade so I was aware of the rule in the future.

Below is the article that prompted Rotoworld to make their posting last evening at 7:31 PM.

"I just was told by a reliable club source that the Brewers have a deal in place with Cleveland for left-hander C.C. Sabathia, contingent on the paperwork being done and medical records exchanged.

But believe me, folks, that's a deal. All that other stuff is formality.

All I know so far is that top prospect Matt LaPorta is in the deal. I was told two lower-level minor leaguers also are included. The Brewers refused to include another top prospect such as Alcides Escobar or Mat Gamel."

In my opinion the above doesn't constitute an "Official" announcement, it's simply a reporter leaking some information that was given to him. I've been in this league longer than most and I agree with Geoff that we need to keep this friendly. I'm totally fine with any decision that Steve makes, he deserves that from all of us.

Moving forward I just think we need to get an officaial rule on the books to define "Official". The internet didn't exist when Sevy wrote the rulebook so there's always something new jumping up.

By the way, I wouldn't have outbid Joey even if I had bid.


Dave Schmidt said...

First of all, great trade for the Indians. They got great stuff potentially for a guy that will wind up being one of the sausages running around the field during the 7th inning stretch. Milwaukee should have thought about getting C.C. Just what he needs, the opportunity to go to a place where all they do is eat Brauts and drink beer.

Joey you may want to rethink your bid, in fact we all may want to, before we bid on him.

Mayer Foner said...


Since several owners have contributed their 3 cents worth, I will add mine.

If in fact the new Milwaukee pitcher is a free agent, why can't
any Harl owner bid whatever they want in next Sunday's FAD, since all bids are confidential anyways until opened Sunday evening?