Sunday, June 1, 2008

HARL Roster Alerts

The following players need to be addressed in this week's (June 2) roster moves:
ASSASSINS = Matt Holliday (DL)
LEMMINGS = Rafael Furcal (DL)
RHINOS = Jayson Werth (DL)
COBRAS = Kevin Correia (DL), Doug Davis (off DL), Michael Barrett (off DL)
STAMPEDERS = Ronnie Belliard (DL), Josh Bard (DL), Jorge Sosa (Minors w/ Astros)  

Here's a Heads-up on players who must be handled by next week (June 9):
BREWSKIS = Corey Patterson (to Minors), Rafael Soriano (off DL)
GRILLERS = Wandy Rodriguez (off DL)
JOKERS = Matt Diaz (DL), Jack Wilson (off DL)
LEMMINGS = Matt Wise (DL)
GAMBLERS = Eric Byrnes (DL)
MUDHENS = Mark Kotsay (DL)
RHINOS = Joel Pineiro (DL)
Kennesaw Mountain BigHorn
HARL Commissioner

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