Wednesday, April 30, 2008

David Riske

One roster-transaction update for you guys to make note of. I forgot that the Gamblers picked up RP-David Riske on waivers last Saturday. So I added him to the Gamblers roster. That means he is NO LONGER on the Waiver Wire. 
By the way... This goes out to everyone. If you get a player off the Waiver Wire or via the FAD, please make sure to list what you're doing with him as part of your Weekly Roster Moves email that you send me on Monday. People forget to do that sometimes. While I usually catch these omissions by reviewing the FAD and Waiver roundup emails, sometimes they slip by. Including them in your weekly roster moves will ensure that they don't escape my sight. Thanks. 
Kennesaw Mountain BigHorn
HARL Commissioner

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