Thursday, October 30, 2008

Checks are in the Mail!

Hi Gang,
This morning (OCT 30), I wrote out and mailed the HARL prize checks. So your roto-baseball winnings are on their way!
Congratulations to everyone for another fine HARL season. 22 years in the books is hard to imagine. I sincerely hope to see everyone participating again in 2009. Sometime during the offseason, I'm going to ponder and propose some significant changes to the rules for next year with the aim of keeping things fresh after all these years of play. So it could be a very different league in 2009. Feel free to share any ideas that you have with me this winter. 
For all you life-long Phillies fans out there..... as the t-shirts say: PHINALLY!!!  Now I can die a happy man. 
PS: Dougie Fresh, I included your Hershey Bears hockey tickets in your envelope, so be on the lookout for those.
Talk to you guys later.

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